Belian Cilistrus (?)

Very old elven mad dog


Live to serve the realm.

Whichever realm pays the most that is.


Belian grew up in a large temple and his father was the high priest. He would have taken over from his father if it were not for one unfortunate fact: he thought it was bullshit. He spent 200-300 odd years doing what they said, trying to convince himself that he believed it, trying to fit in. But one day he had enough. He upped and left. Not saying a word to any one, in the middle of the night, leaving but a small note to his mother that simply said “goodbye mother”, for he did love her. All he had was priestly robes, so that is what he wore. After a long time walking and trying to fit in, he realised he was not very good at anything because of his sheltered life at the temple and he got very sad and sat down. Still wearing the only clothes he had, dilapidated priests garb. When suddenly something happened. A passer-by flipped a gold coin into his lap. He was confused, and another person did the same but with a silver, and another and another. What is this he thought? I can get money… for being a priest? So that is what he did. Now Belian is a successful priestly con artist, who travels city to city trying earn as much gold for “the priesthood” as possible. Recently however, he has taking a liking to one town in particular and is starting to become very good at politics… perhaps he has found his true calling.

Belian Cilistrus (?)

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